It feels better to give than receive...

And what better way to give than promote education of the Arts? It's the foundation of our company: to give back. When you purchase, we donate a portion of sales to support Venice Arts


Venice Arts ignites, expands, and transforms the lives of Los Angeles’ low-income youth through photography and film education, and uses its participatory storytelling practices to amplify the voices of underrepresented communities around the world.

A statement about our programs, their impacts, and the importance of community support:  For almost 25 years, Venice Arts has transformed the lives of Los Angeles' low-income children and teens through high-impact, free creative education programs in photography and filmmaking. Support from Venice's residents and businesses is crucial to helping us grow our Center for Media and the Imagination, and advance our vision of equity, creating access to creative, college, and career opportunities for our community's neediest youth."