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Bestow candles are unlike any other... Our hand poured candles are made with the finest ingredients. We care about the environment and work with soy coconut wax free from paraffin, and cotton braided wicks for the cleanest burn possible. Our fragrances are rich & delicate at the same time and conjure powerful memories & emotions. 

By adding select essential oils, each candle possesses healing properties and adds a layered benefit that energizes mental and physical well-being.



Bestow LOVE - our floral candle with orange, tuberose, coconut and a hint of musk. Orange essential oil is uplifting and elevates energy and mood bringing joy to the heart. Tuberose an aphrodisiac known as the floral Night Queen is calming and sensual to the body and mind.

Bestow PASSION - citrus scent bursting with the perfect balance of sweet & tangy.  Grapefruit essential oil energizes, dispels negativity and relieves stress. Bestow PASSION promotes the perfect inner balance.

Bestow BLISS - spicy, sweet, and refreshing fig paired with juniper essential oils. May you drift away into your daydream under a beautiful fig tree....Pure Bliss! Juniper essential oils are calming, relieves tension, stress and anxiety, may be uplifting in challenging situations. Restores emotional balance, bringing you back to your inner self- enhances perception and imagination.  

Bestow PEACE - simple, pure lavender creates a soothing, relaxing and calming atmosphere.  Lavender essential oils promote consciousness, health, love and peace.

Bestow INSPIRATION - crisp cucumber with cool mint creating a sweet and zingy fresh green blend. Peppermint essential oils are purifying and stimulating to the mind.  helps to open and release emotional blocks...stimulating one's mind. Lifting one's spirit.

Bestow QUIET - cedarwood, sandalwood and amber with top notes of bergamot, lavender and coriander. Cedarwood has a calming effect, relieves stress and tension and harmonizes the emotions to help meditation and improves focus. 

Bestow GRATITUDE - tobacco and coconut woodsy, smokey and mellow. Added touch of coconut is sweet and nutty.  Tobacco evokes prayers of gratitude.