Art + Candle care: 

Art - Handle the fine art prints with care. Art is printed on museum-grade paper and prints are safely stored in acid free envelopes. Take care to handle each limited edition 5"x7" giclée print to avoid creases and disturbing the image. Flatten the art print under a heavy smooth-faced object (such as a book). 

The 4" x 6" pre-stamped postcards are made of matte, thick card stock and meant to be displayed or mailed. 

Candle - The first time you burn your candle, trim its wick to a ¼" long.  Release the fragrance by burning your candle long enough to create an even melt pool across the entire width of the vessel, approximately 2 hours. Trim wick between burning.  

Always use caution with candles, never leave a burning candle unattended. Place your candle on a heat resistant surface, and away from anything flammable, drafts, children, and pets. Proper candle care minimizes soot and smoke, scorching the wax and maximizes the experience.

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