Create with our hands & make a natural candle.  


Bestow candles are hand poured and made using the finest ingredients. We care about the environment and work with soy coconut wax free from paraffin and cotton braided wicks for the cleanest burn possible. Our fragrances are rich & delicate at the same time and conjure powerful memories & emotions. 

Bestow candles are unique and carry healing properties. By adding select essential oils, each candle possesses a layered benefit that revives mental and physical well-being. Our candles are named after scentiments we all need in our lives: Bestow LOVE, Bestow BLISS, Bestow GRATITUDE, and more. 


Collaborate with artists & make a curation.

Ever inspired by color and visuals and art, we knew our products would be focused on collaborations. Bestow cofounders collaborate with each other, and we collaborate with artists to make Curations. Watch our video to discover Curations...

What is a CURATION?

A Curation is Bestow et al.'s creation and the new way to experience art.  

A Curation is art paired with an essential oil candle.  

A Curation evokes emotions and feelings and speaks to the senses.

A Curation is the artform of heartfelt intentions we bestow to you.