Time on the Farm...

‘Over the hills and through the woods to grandma’s house we go…’  Literally!

Off the plane from bumper to bumper traffic, packed airports to rural, quiet, green, open space.  Our family tradition of spending Thanksgiving on my cousin’s farm in Missouri is one of the highlights of our year.  This year – five turkeys, two pork roasts, potatoes and more potatoes, sheer heaven!  Not to mention all the wonderful time spent with family. 

My mother grew up in Carthage, MO on a farm, one of seven children.  Most settled locally while my mom ventured out West. 

So, we come together, related by blood but so different in upbringing and lifestyle choices.  My urban/big city challenges are very different from those that live in the rural Midwest.  But now, more than ever we need to have open hearts and open minds, listen to each other with respect and compassion.  I am so grateful for my Missouri family and ties to the Midwest culture.

And one of our other annual highlights, while in Missouri, is visiting the Springfield Art Museum.

It not only has a remarkable collection but the story behind its inception is especially impressive.

In the 1920’s a small group of women wanted to bring the beauty of Art to their community.  Through hard work and perserverance they were able to get traveling exhibitions to come to Springfield and eventually formed the permanent museum.

The current Board has curated a beautiful collection and they have a fabulous sculpture garden as well!


Lily with sculpture at the Springfield Art Museum, Missouri  

Lily with sculpture at the Springfield Art Museum, Missouri