Bestow Sweetness - Sugarfina!


One of my random responsibilities is corporate event planning.  Next up, the holiday party for my husband’s financal company. It’s a very manageable size with a modest budget.  I strive to make this event classy-casual and special. The company spends most of their work day negotiating tax credit deals, analyzing spreadsheets and crafting legal agreements.  This annual event is the opportunity for the company to loosen up, mingle and have fun. 

The company’s anniversary falls around the same time as the holidays, so developing the party theme year after year has been easy.  For the first year, anniversary gifts are paper.  The second year, cotton.  This year, as the company is 6 years-old, the anniversary gift is candy.  So this Holiday party 2016 theme is "Sweet 6".

Yesterday, my candyholic daughter Dexter and I visited Sugarfina at The Point in Manhattan Beach to scout inspiration for centerpieces and party favors.  

We walked in... "BINGO! And Oh No!" Edible happiness!  Stepping into the store, I knew I’d found the special icing on the cake….  Upscale, beautiful packaging, festive.  And just listen to these flavors: 

Limoncello Cordials, Kyoto Blossoms, Brown Butter Brittle, Dark Choc Sea Salt Caramels and Martini Olive Almonds.

I brought treats for our Bestow Monday meeting:

  • Sea salt black licorice for Lisa who connected me with Sugarfina
  • Champagne baby bears for Virginia
  • And for Robin who is cutting sugar, she gets the Raindrops & Roses to give to Coco. 


Dexter at Surgarfina, Manhattan Beach, CA 

Dexter at Surgarfina, Manhattan Beach, CA 

Candy is a work of art at Sugarfina

Candy is a work of art at Sugarfina