Leave them to their own devices?

In the age of access and excess (think wifi and smart phones) my kids have superpowers of stamina and laser focus.  They can stare at their devices for hours at a time.  The only signs of life are shifting eyes, texting thumbs and facial muscle movements to snap selfies.  We've all witnessed this.  

Some parents see the Age of Access and Excess as a blessing, it keeps kids entertained and with a world of info at the ready.  This is a mixed blessing and in some ways "a necessary evil" -- my kids are glued to their devices.  It drives me crazy! 

With airline travel upon us, I'm fortunate my children are in high school and experienced flyers.  I really don't have to bother with this...I could easily leave my kids to their own devices.  However, I'm still mom trying to make sure my kids spend their time productively.  The five hour flight from Los Angeles to Boston is an opportunity to be productive and enrich.   

Here the the 4 things packed in our carry-on: