Artist Richard Schmidt Collaborates with Bestow et al.

When looking for our next artist to collaborate with it was very easy for me to find; full disclosure-he’s my husband. 

Richard has been taking photos and making movies since he was a young boy in Bloomington, Minnesota. His stop action X-mas movies were just the beginning and still a family favorite.  

Richard graduated with an MFA from University of Minnesota and made his way to Los Angeles. Although he primarily uses a digital camera now, his distinct eye and technical ability his photographs in whatever form still captures your attention.


My two favorite images have always been the pieces we (bestow) titled Greenery and Pacific. The many shades of green, the intense details of the grass and crisp white on the forest bench still moves me. Being from the Midwest as well, the fact that I have been lucky enough to make LA my home for more than twenty five years and live in Venice just blocks from the ocean still surprises me. I am ever so grateful for my family, my life, and of natures gifts represented in our lastest curations and I hope you do as well.

- Lisa.