Mother's Day Poll

Mother’s Day is fast approaching -- The instant you hear these words, visions immediately come to mind. 

Mother’s Day: I picture scenes of youthful, happy, sun-kissed families cycling on peaceful bike paths. Or, an afternoon building sandcastles, frolicking in knee high waves with sweet compliant pre- adolescents. Or, an entire family at a church service, the teen and young adult sons wearing ties and daughters in equally respectable attire. That spiritual service is followed by brunch in the highly -praised restaurant with an attentive wait staff, a menu with everyone’s favorites, and all at the table engaging in lively and civil conversations. 

Yes, all these vignettes have played out in my head when what is more accurate is this reality:

The bike ride is peppered with little voices claiming it’s ‘tooo long’ and its ‘tooo hot’.  The crying toddler with sunscreen in his eye or whining over the entire bag of snacks covered with sand. The menu with ‘nothing’ on it that looks good. And this after standing and waiting in an overcrowded restaurant despite the reservation (or because someone forgot to make the reservation). The harried waiters serving over-priced and underwhelming breakfasts. Or an entire church service spent glaring at the teen sneaking texts -- the one who is also wearing a skirt that is a little too short. She with her siblings who are all bored and tired because it is way too early to be awake on a Sunday.

So in an attempt to get the word out on what moms really want I took a poll…

“What do Moms really want for Mother’s Day……


Dolores, mother to two daughters, 20 and 17.…  ”just book me a massage”

MaryAnn, mother of an 8 and 4-year-old…. “a day all to myself.”

Donna, mom, of middle schoolers….. “an entire day without me preparing, cooking, or cleaning up one meal.”

Jean, mom of 3 teens, ….  “no flowers, jewelry, or chocolates this year  I just want to turn over a list of chores and have them all completed by the end of the day."

Debbie, mom of a 6 month old…. “I just want to take an uninterrupted 2 hour nap."


The consensus was pretty easy to hear.  While we love time spent with our offspring and cherish our role as mother,  just give us a smile, hand over that beautifully handmade card and then leave us alone for the rest of the day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my favorite moms, especially Helen Hamer.


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