Artist, gifter, designer, creator, storyteller.

Our young company was born through our passion to seek beauty, decorate life and invent with our hands...


the Cofounders

Friends since our eldest children were toddlers, we've come together to bestow to you our creation – stunning and beautiful home objects, conceived and made fabulous by us, Bestow et al.  



Ever influenced by awe and beauty surrounding us, we draw inspiration from our collective experiences. Our interactions with the sites and scents of casual, yet chic California living motivates and fulfills us. Each one of us grew up exposed to museums, art, color and design. We share our vision with you.

Poised and excited for this journey, join us in our next act. Visit our blog Bestow etc. 



We cherish our Earth. It sustains us and we're mindful to respect our one world. With every aspect of our Collections, whenever possible we take care and strive to use organic natural materials and abide by eco-conscious practices. At every opportunity, we source and support locally. 

It's another way we give back, share the gifts of life and bestow often.